February 27, 2011

Black Sandal Publishing

Literature in English and translation published by Black Sandal 2009 www.blacksandal.co.uk
Sally Titterington:
Is one of a number of artists who contributed illustrations to this book.

The aspiration of Black Sandal publishing is to enhance community in the creative arts; to promote little known writing at home and introduce English readers to great European literature.

ORIEL is a compilation of poetry and short stories in English and its dialects. There are also translations of Finnish, German and Hungarian poetry. We include an excerpt from the autobiographical novel of an Hungarian gypsy that has been published in Budapest and Paris but not appeared as yet in English.

The many photographs and graphics illumine the text while creating an aesthetic of their own.

Grey Wolf

Sharp is the eye of the wild,
the free, the predator.
Like blue winter and torment,
clear and pitiless.

The wolf scours the fallow land.
Bark, you in the yard,
give a faint howl,
the shadow on the ice will hear you.

In the hoar frost he vanishes,
away from the brilliance of the ice.
Snapping Prince of Anguish,
guardian of our dreams.

He devours fresh snow,
reddened as he senses flesh.
He broods, licks his mouth,
growls, can’t hear himself.

Attila József 1932
Translated from Hungarian by Maria Schiller and Hilary Kassman

Forthcoming Spring 2011

February 17, 2011

A game

An Idea
The sight of a squirrel and a unicorn together seems a really nice animal combination.
I quite like this image, what an amazing dress, it'd be great to re-create this dress, could be really bad and nice at the same time. 'A Wild Woman with Unicorn' c. 1500 - 1510 (Basel Historical Museum).
I think I can feel a drawing coming on...St.

February 10, 2011

The Raven

Illustrations Black Bleak Beaked Birds
Sally Titterington: Illustration
A series of drawings from The Booth Natural History Museum and The Natural History bird collections.