January 29, 2015

Tate Modern

Tate Modern, 2nd Floor Shot,including a section of Richard Tuttle's installation, 
'I Don't Know, a Weave of Textile Language'. 
 Tate Modern, 2nd Floor Shot, window reflections and Richard Tuttle's installation, 
'I Don't Know, a Weave of Textile Language'.
‘Negative Value II (Mizar)’ (1982) Sigmar Polke
Tate Confidential
A shot from second floor of Tate Modern, looking down in part onto Richard Tuttle's massive fabric and wood installation.  I was taken by the shadows on the wall and the warm flame colour of Tuttle's piece entitled 'I Don't Know, a Weave of Textile Language'.  I am amazed by the number of people credited  to this piece, it reads like the credits scrolling at the end of an epic film.  The middle image is of a Sigmar Polke canvas it is colour coordinated with the interior images.  The Polke exhibition is a celebration of variety, experimentation and travelling on many different planes, aeroplanes, levels and planets.  The sketch pads and the multi medium work proves Polke is anything but a 'One Trick Pony', he's funny, he's brave, he's himself and he keeps moving and changing.  No one has harnessed him nor held him in any given style or medium, he's inspirational, extensive, original and free.

Hat in the Box

Hat in white box, tied with Holly's signature Red Bow
Red Bow, White Box at the Airport
I found my old hat blocks in the attic and I asked, Hat Maker, Holly Kennedy to put two top blocks together, with a rim turned upside down.  I wanted it to be very big, like Doctor Seuss's cat's hat. A dark black brown with an electric blue and brown ribbon and lining, so it is not as formal and sharp as a black, it is softer and can be worn with denims.  As I walked down the historic center in Rome a priest nearly bumped into me and ha stopped and looked up at me and realised that he had to keep going up that little bit extra to take in the size of the hat.  In this hat there is no escape, no room to hide, it's like being really really famous in 15 inches of hat height.  Class A celebrity status in one easy step of placing the hat on your head.

Brand Theft Auto

Fendi advert, Fiumicino Airport, Rome.  What a stunning larger than life printed advertising.
I am suprised at the violence of Grand Theft Auto, so I have stolen the game and rebranded 
and created Brand Theft Auto.  It was an automatic reaction and the guns have been replaced with cameras shooting.
'No Game No Gain'.

No Game, No Gain